Westwood-IndianHills & Neighboring Developments

Providing Our Communities With a Refreshing WIND!


Advocacy | Impact | Continuity


Community redevelopment for sustainability within the 38109 communities.


Westwood-IndianHills & Neighboring Developments (WIND,CDC) is an action-forward non-profit advocating community capacity building  since 2007.


Absolute continuity of movement from underserved neighbors to impactful thriving neighborhoods. 

People’s Rights & Equitable Housing Solutions 

WIND, CDC creates affordable housing choices with access to opportunities, services and amenitiesIt is a must for 38109 housing to be physically accessible and safe for everyone. We advocate communal acceptance and support which results in less crime, living peacefully and value increase in relationships, property and faith-based connections.


Economic & Sustainable Solutions 

Our organization invests into the 38109 communities’ available assets to build upon and flourish. Westwood-Indian Hills & Neighboring Developments assist the 38109 communities to become a more mobile community with transportation options to accomplish set goals. We educate, stressing the importance of communal power economics through recycling community dollars and stimulate rethinking towards becoming a producer and less of a consumer.

Business Acumen & Financial Solutions 

Financial health is the foundation of a family, business and community. In order to maintain good health, resources must be readily available and accessible.  WIND, CDC creates avenues for community business start-ups, continued established business support and family finance education.



Community Re-Development & Outreach Solutions 

Our organization leads in advocating community capacity building since 2007. Making sure that WIND speaks empowerment over our “WIND Thrive Tribe” while doing the work. We ensure that in reach efforts are healthy and strong in order to strengthen the outreach efforts.  Our focus is making impact to change the trajectory of our community to thrive personally and collectively.



Provide outreach services to our seniors to allow aging gracefully and safely in place.


Faster leadership through on AAA literacy intellect of Arithmetic, Arts, and Athleticism.


Empower and advocate teens and women to have a favorable outcome for an advantageous life.


Communal power economics through an education focus to lease, purchase, invest, and/or transfer real property.

WIND Sows. Community Grows

WIND, CDC partnered up with Big Green To bring education home during the pandemic

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